by Jennifer Sturgill


Does anyone else out there fall in love with certain products and then proceed to rave about them to anyone and everyone that will listen? Well, that's me! Each month, I plan to share 3-5 of my favorite items or brands I'm loving. Follow along if you're looking for ways to shop for new things that you don't need.
You can thank me later... ha!

1. AWAY LUGGAGE - $245

Ohhhh my gosh…. I love my Away luggage so much! I love everything about this company too- their story, their amazing marketing, the products are top notch and the way they stand behind them with their satisfaction guaranteed is no joke.  I first purchased the smaller carry on a couple of years ago because I was so nervous the larger one wouldn't fit overhead on smaller planes.  Since I was traveling A LOT at the time for work, I didn't even want to take the chance. After seeing my manager's "Bigger Carry On" next to mine and talking to him about how he had never had an issue with it not fitting in airplane overhead compartments (not to mention you can fit another outfit and couple pairs of shoes in the bigger carry on,) I reached out to Away and they swapped my bag with no questions asked, even though I had already used it for a few trips.  I paid the difference for it and my new bag appeared at my doorstep in a couple of days. I love my white "Bigger Carry On" and let me tell you, the ejectable battery has saved me on many occasions. Oh and did I mention how much cheaper it is than the Tumi luggage I had been looking at? It’s a steal at $245 for luggage I will have for a lonnnggg time! 


If you’ve had your eye on these beautiful pieces of luggage and are ready to pull the trigger, use my link here to save yourself $20 on your first purchase!


Now before any of you champagne lovers say to me "this isn't champagne..." I get it.  This technically would be considered "Prosecco" since it's Italian sparkling wine BUT I like to refer to it as "champs in a can" (because it's more fun) and they are PERFECT for those times where you want a glass but don't feel like opening up a bottle. Or if you're like me and don't want to take any chances, you can just pack these bad boys for cookouts or outdoor events without having to worry about the glass.


Available in three varieties: White, Rosé and Peach!



My friend, Jayna turned me onto this magical lip balm a few years ago and I would always steal a dab from her when we were together! A few months ago, she gifted me with my very own and I’m addicted! Glossier describes it as “a hydrating, multipurpose lip balm and skin salve that’s packed with antioxidants and natural emollients to nourish dry, chafed skin” and let me tell you, it keeps your lips moisturized for hours and without any stickiness. 


Glossier's packaging is super cute too! I just reordered again and this time, I ordered their BALM DOTCOM TRIO for $30 (originally $12 each so it's a savings of $6). Glossier also offers free shipping at $30 and up so it's perfect! Use my coupon below to save 10% off your order!

Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE my Beats headphones but I’m really addicted right now to my Apple Airpods with the wireless charging case. I have never been able to fit the Apple headphones into my ears comfortably (you know, the free ones that come in the iPhone box) but I tried a friend's Airpods out at a meeting and was shocked at how comfortable they are. I even jumped up and down like a weirdo and they still didn't fall out.  I finally splurged and got them a few months ago and here's why I love them so much...

1. airpods don't get caught in my hair like my Beats wireless headphones do... That drives me nuts in the airport!

2. I enjoy that I can just wear one airpod at a time if I know i'll be traveling and want hours of constant use out of them. 

3. If i'm wearing both of my airpods and suddenly someone walks up to me, I love that when you take one headphone out, it automatically pauses whatever you're listening to. Your audio automatically picks right back off where you left off once you put it back in your ear.

4. I can go days and days of using them and i still only have to charge the case once a week.

5. I love how small the case is and how I can throw them in my purse or in the little pocket of my yoga pants. Oh and my new favorite trick is just wearing one airpod when I have my hair down and listening to music while i'm at the grocery store or getting my nails done and nobody even knows! scandalous... I know.

FYI- I didn't realize this when I ordered mine but if you order them from the link below, apple offers complimentary engraving on the charging case for you!


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